“The Adrienne St Clair Group gives you the sense that they’re keeping up with the demands of the market without pushing around their clients. They know what you’re going through and if there’s a family emergency, they don’t drop you to pursue a better opportunity somewhere else. They keep you in the loop. You are kept informed of exactly where you are during the whole process. Nothing gets weird or awkward with poor scheduling. If you need extra time for preparation, you get it without complaints. If you’re struggling with some aspect of preparation, they’ve seen enough of them out there that they can suggest how to get around the problem. So much happened to sell our place – we changed realtors twice before we hired this office, a family member got injured on the stairs shutting down everything for two months, so lots of on-and-off market activity to keep the public guessing but we finally and (for me anyway) unbelievably made the sale. It couldn’t have happened with anyone else! ”
– G.A. Jones and M.M. Jones, Eugene
“I worked with Adrienne and Jane to sell my first home. Their documentation and research were extremely helpful in determining a strong asking price. They were also very patient in explaining the steps I needed to prepare the home for showing. It was a warm experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in or near Lane County”
“Laura Abruzzini is a wonderful blend of competence, tact, and laughter. Besides selling our house BEFORE it went on sale, she guided us to prep, downsize (which then helped enormously with the move), and stage the house, knew how to evaluate and handle unexpected situations, allayed our fears, and still managed to keep her right-on sense of humor.”
“Adrienne and her team made efforts in all possible ways to sell our property and helped us move very quickly after the sale. She was wonderful!”- John & Linda K
“I worked with Jane and she was fantastic. I appreciate everything she did.”- Julie R
“The property on Nixon has had many permit hurdles to complete. Adrienne has kept us apprised and is still working diligently to make certain that we, the buyers, are completely satisfied with the process. The seller’s agent should have had all of the permits granted before closing- but as far as I can tell, Adrienne has done all the work for both buyer and seller!”- Sandra & Mark J
“Adrienne is delightful to work with!”- Russell & Courtney D.
“Adrienne is the consummate professional. Her and Jane came prepared for our first meeting. She had a calming effect during a tumultuous time- for us & them. Having lost their father during the process, and their last parent, they continued on with business, taking just a couple days for mourning. I would be very happy to recommend their service to anyone. Thank you Adrienne & Jane.”– Pat V.
“Kim was wonderful and has become a great friend!”
“We bought our Eugene home through you in 2005. Your service was excellent then and has remained excellent. Thank you. Jane is wonderful and we truly appreciated all she did in 2005 and 2015. We wish you all the best.” – Lara S.
“The support provided by Adrienne was incredible- well informed, strategic in focus, and very effective in execution.”- Steve & Linda M.
“We feel very thankful to have found Adrienne. Her knowledge is second to none. I don’t believe we would have sold our house without her. Thank you, thank you!”
“Could not have asked for more support. The complex process of selling properties that are part of a trust was handled efficiently and effectively.”- Michelle O
“Kim was great. I especially appreciated her bringing in extra help when necessary.”- Suzy R.
“I knew I was in good hands. I have no doubt that Adrienne’s efforts made all the difference!”
“We were happy in every way with Kim and her team, from start to finish and then some! She helped us with so many details in the purchase of our home and also helped us fit into our new home town with lots of history and understanding of the community.”
“Adrienne, Ed and friends, We truly appreciate your competent assistance in the selling of our property. The move is now history and we are truly enjoying our new home.” – Pierre & Mary Lou.
“Ed, I would like to thank you and all your team. This one may have turned out to be a little tougher than we thought at first but you guys got it done.”
“Adrienne was terrific throughout the entire process. We couldn’t have received better service!” – Charles S.
“Kim Arscott is the best and I will continue to use her for all real estate transactions! (and continue to recommend her!)” – Mary R.
“Jane Cooper is a consummate real estate professional who went above and beyond to help us find our home” – Dave V.
“Worked with Kim. She was patient with us, professional and gave great advice” – Joann W.
“Kim Arscott was competent, hard-working, and collaborative throughout the process. In addition, I found her to be a terrific asset identifying and assessing suitable properties and adroitly guiding me through the entire experiencefrom beginning to closing of escrow. Furthermore, I could not envision a more pleasant person with whom to work. I highly recommend Kim Arscott as a possible real estate agent.”- Joe C.