March 3,2016
Today UNCERTAINTY seems to be the topic on most persons’ minds.
Where is the election going and who will be the next president?
What will the Federal Reserve do considering their key indicators are oscillating above and below the chart lines indicating growth or recession?
What about the climate?
No matter how much you mull and worry there will be outcomes-some to your liking and some not.
But using an old analogy of a deer in the headlights, you can make a decision to get off the road and survive or you can freeze from fright, not move, and you are history.
The point being that you need to use the best information available to you at any given time to make a logical decision and proceed with your life rather than being scared into inaction.
And for your real estate decisions that’s why we are here-to educate you to the trends, opportunities and pitfalls so that you can make intelligent decisions and get ahead while the timid are cemented in place going nowhere.
With over 100 years of combined real estate experience in our group and over 100 homes sold in 2015 we have the depth of experience to answer your questions or if we can’t, direct you to someone who can!